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If your chimney is in need of repair, you’ve come to the right place.

We are a group of Merton chimney repair experts who specialise in the maintenance and repair of chimneys. From masonry repairs and repointing to chimney lining installation and chimney cowl fitting, our professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your chimney is safe and functioning properly.

With years of chimney repair Merton expertise, our experts can provide solutions that will extend the life of your chimney and keep it in a safe working condition.

Our Chimney repair Merton experts provide a complete chimney repair service, including: chimney inspections, chimney flaunching repairs, chimney repointing, chimney flashing repairs, chimney pot fitting, chimney cowl fitting, chimney lining installation, chimney capping and chimney sweeping.

We have seen it all when it comes to fixing, repairing and maintaining chimneys, from the most basic tasks to the most complex. So if you need your chimney repaired, fill out our free quote form and our team of experts will get back to you to arrange a convenient time to visit your property for an initial inspection.

Chimney repair Merton, Inspections & Chimney Servicing

Chimney inspections & servicing Merton

Chimney inspections and servicing is often overlooked by Merton homeowners, but a well-maintained chimney is important for both its safety and efficiency. We recommend having your chimney inspected once once a year, preferably in Autumn before the start of winter. Our experts will look for any signs of damage or wear that may have occurred over the previous winter and the summer months when your fireplace wasn’t in use. They will also check for any obstructions that may have built up inside the flue, like bird nests or debris from nearby trees. After performing a thorough inspection, they can then make necessary repairs to ensure your chimney is working at its best efficiency and safety levels. They can also provide cleaning services if needed, to reduce buildup which can cause dangerous flue fires if left unchecked.

To get our chimney repair Merton experts to inspect and service your property, just fill out our estimate form and we will get right back to you.

Chimney repair Merton - Cowl Fitting

Chimney cowl fitting Merton

A chimney cowl sits on top of your chimney pot and helps to increase the draft of the chimney, prevent downdraft and prevent the wind and rain from entering the chimney. A chimney cowl also prevents birds, insects or squirrels entering the chimney or nesting in the chimney cavity.

Fitting or replacing a chimney cowl can be quite complex and potentially hazardous due to the heights involved. It should not be attempted without professional assistance and needs to be fitted correctly so that it can operate safely and efficiently over time.

Our chimney repair Merton experts are here to help fit or replace chimney cowls.

Chimney Repointing Merton

Chimney repointing Merton

Worried about your chimney pointing? Don’t despair, our experts are on hand to restore your chimney.

When your chimney is in need of repointing, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect your Merton home from potential damage. Over time, the mortar between the bricks or stones can deteriorate due to weather exposure, leaving gaps that allow water in, which can cause structural damage if not addressed.

Repointing a chimney involves removing and replacing the mortar between the bricks or stones. Hiring a professional for chimney repointing is the best option to ensure the job is done safely, correctly and efficiently.

Our chimney repair Merton experts will visit your property to inspect your chimney and assess the condition of your current mortar joints to determine what repairs are necessary.

Fill out our free estimate form to get started.

Chimney Flaunching Repairs Merton

Chimney flaunching repair Merton

Has your chimney flaunching perished and in need of repair? Our experts can restore your chimney’s flaunching.

Chimney flaunching repair is essential for the efficient and safe operation of a chimney. It involves repairing the crown, or top portion of the chimney so that water does not enter the structure.

Flaunching is the mortar-like material that seals around the base of the chimney pots, protecting from water intruding into its walls. Over time, this material will erode due to weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind and ice. In addition, freeze/thaw cycles can cause cracks in the mortar allowing moisture to enter into the chimney causing further deterioration. Flaunching repair should be done by an experienced professional who is familiar with the proper techniques for ensuring a well sealed chimney crown.

To find out more about our chimney repair Merton services, please fill out our estimate form giving as much detail as possible.

Chimney repair Merton - C-cap Installation

Merton chimney cap installations

If you chimney is no longer used, installing a chimney cap is a great idea to protect your Merton home from water damage and pests. Acting as a cover for the top of your chimney, a C-cap helps prevent rain, snow and debris from entering your home. Not only does this help keep moisture out of the air within your home, but also prevents heat loss, making your home more energy efficient and reducing bills!

Use our free estimation form to get a price for your chimney repair Merton and C-cap installation.

Chimney repair Merton - Liner Installation

Chimney liner installation Merton

If you need a chimney liner installation for your Merton property then our experts have you covered!

Chimney liners are critical to ensuring the safety of any property’s chimney. A properly installed liner provides a safe and efficient way for smoke to escape from the fireplace, wood stove or furnace. Without it, heat can build up inside the flue and cause damage to your home’s structure over time. Chimney liners also help prevent carbon monoxide from entering your home and provide insulation that keeps the heat where you want it.

The installation process requires precise measurements, so it’s best left to our professionals who have experience installing multilayer stainless steel lining systems. Our experts will measure your chimney before selecting the right size liner based on its diameter and height.

If you are looking for chimney repair Merton experts to install a chimney liner for your property, fill out our free estimate form to get started.

Chimney repair Merton - Chimney Pot Replacement

Chimney pot replacement Merton

If you have a cracked or broken chimney pot that needs replacing, we can help.

Chimney pots are a common feature on many Merton homes, providing not only protection from the wind and rain but also style and character. When chimney pots become damaged they can be both unsightly and potentially hazardous. Replacing chimney pots requires specific knowledge, skill and experience to ensure that the job is done correctly.

Our chimney repair Merton and pot replacement service is quick and easy to use. Just fill out our free estimate form and we’ll get back to you with a price and schedule for your chimney inspection.

Chimney repair Merton - Chimney Flashing Repairs

Chimney flashing repair Merton

Chimney flashing is the strip of metal that seals the intersection between your chimney and roof. It prevents water from entering the roof and walls around the chimney, so it’s important to keep it in good condition. If your chimney flashing becomes cracked or damaged, you will need a professional to come out and assess the situation.

Fixing a damaged chimney flashing begins with removing any existing sealant material around the base of the chimney. Our experts will then install a new metal flashing to seal out moisture. With this properly applied, your chimney flashing should be restored and protecting your Merton home from water ingress.

To get a free estimate for your chimney repair Merton, simply fill out our estimate form.

Chimney repair Merton - Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping Merton

Chimney sweeping is an important service that every Merton homeowner with a working chimney should consider. It’s essential for both safety and convenience, and it should be done regularly to ensure that your chimney is in proper working order. Our Merton chimney sweeping service can help keep your home safe from dangerous a build-up of soot, which can cause fires if left. Additionally, the service will also help improve air quality in your home by removing dust, dirt and debris that can accumulate in the chimney over time.

Fill out our estimate form and one of our chimney repair Merton experts will arrange a visit to your property.

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Chimney repair Merton

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions by home owners in Merton. We hope you find them useful.

How often should a chimney be swept?

Your chimney should be swept at least once a year. This will prevent hazardous buildups that can effect your health and the safety of your chimney. Below are 5 signs to look out for that may indicate your chimney is due for a sweep.

  1. Smoke is escaping into the room with the fireplace.
  2. You notice an unpleasant burning smell.
  3. Your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are being set off regularly.
  4. You notice soot falling into the fire place or on the hearth.
  5. Lighting your fire and keeping it alight is becoming harder.

If you need help with your chimney repair Merton, please fill out our free estimate form and we will get right back to you.

What is the common cause of chimney fires?

Dirty chimneys are the number one cause of chimney fires! Without proper servicing and maintenance, hazardous creosotes (the substance deposited from you fire) will build up inside your chimney becoming combustible. The simplest way to prevent this dangerous build-up of materials is to have a professional chimney clean at least once a year.

If you need help with your chimney repair Merton, please fill out our free estimate form and we will get right back to you.

What is the cause of chimney leaks?

There are few things that can cause your chimney to leak, but five major culprits of leaking chimneys are:

  1. Damaged flashing, this is the metal band running around the base of most chimney’s that connects the chimney to the roof. If this becomes damaged or loose, rain water can leak into the roof or the adjoining walls.
  2. Damaged crown or flaunching, the crown is situated at the very top of the chimney and can be made of a solid slab or mortar known as flaunching.
  3. If the crown becomes cracked or damaged or the flaunching deteriorates over time, then water can leak into the chimney cavity and make its way down the chimney causing further damage to the lining.
  4. Deterioration of the mortar and masonry, if the pointing between the bricks or stones of your chimney deteriorate, this will allow moisture to enter into the chimney causing further deterioration over time.
  5. No chimney cap or cowl, if your chimney is no longer in use then a chimney cap should be fitted to prevent rain, snow and debris from entering your chimney. If your chimney is being used, a cowl can be fitted to reduce water ingress into the chimney.

If you need help with your chimney repair Merton, please fill out our free estimate form and we will get right back to you.

What do chimney cowls do?

Chimney cowls are designed to improve the efficiency and safety of your chimney. These devices are installed on the top of a chimney pot and serve a variety of important functions. Chimney cowls protect your home from the wind, birds, nesting animals, debris that can cause damage to your chimney over time. Not only do they provide protection against these threats, they also help to increase the performance of your fireplace or stove.

There are several different types of chimney cowls available on the market today. Each type serves its own purpose in protecting your chimney from weather-related problems, such as rainwater or snow entering through the flue pipe and causing damage. Some models also reduce downdrafts by creating an updraft for better ventilation and increased fire safety.

If you are looking to install a chimney cowl yourself, you can purchase one from our DIY Chimney Shop.

If you need help with your chimney repair Merton, please fill out our free estimate form and we will get right back to you.

What is chimney flaunching?

Chimney flaunching is the mortar that sits on the crown of your chimney and surrounds the base of the pots holding them in position. With a 3:1 mix of cement and sand, the flaunching gives a durable waterproof barrier, preventing water penetrating the chimney crown and chimney cavity.

Overtime chimney flaunching can deteriorate allowing water ingress. It is important to quickly repair your flaunching should it become cracked to prevent further damage to the structure of your chimney and the chimney lining. As the flaunching also secures the pots to your chimney crown it is important to make repairs to prevent the pots working loose.

If you need help with your chimney repair Merton, please fill out our free estimate form and we will get right back to you.

Should I cap my chimney if it is no longer used?

In many homes, chimneys are used to vent smoke and other fumes from fireplaces. However, when a chimney is no longer in use, there are several benefits to capping it off. Capping a chimney can help protect the home from water damage, reduce energy costs, and keep pests out of the property.

Capping a chimney helps to prevent water from getting into your home through the top of the structure by creating a waterproof seal. Additionally, when wind blows into an uncapped chimney, it can cause air drafts that increase heating bills in the winter. By capping off your unused chimney you can save money on monthly utility costs as well as preventing water damage due to rain or snow entering through your roofing system.

If you want to install a chimney C-cap yourself, you can purchase one from our DIY Chimney Shop.

If you need help with your chimney repair Merton, please fill out our free estimate form and we will get right back to you.

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Our Chimney Repair Merton Service Area

Our chimney repair Merton service area covers the whole of the Greater London and home counties. Once you have filled out the estimate form, our experts will get back to you with a convenient time to undertake an inspection at your property.

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The chimney repair Merton blog

Our experts will be constantly updating our blog to bring you helpful articles about chimney repair Merton. You can read more on our blog page.

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Why cap an unused chimney?

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Chimney alterations, neighbour’s rights & responsibilities

If you are looking to repair, alter or remove a shared chimney stack, you need to ensure that both parties are in agreement. Both property owners are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their portion of the stack, so all decisions must be made collaboratively. Before any work is completed, both owners should agree upon any repairs and the financial responsibility for them.

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About our chimney repair Merton services

Chimney Experts understand the significance of having a fully functional chimney for Merton homeowners. To meet this need, we provide professional chimney repair Merton services. Our team of skilled professionals have years of experience and utilise cutting-edge tools and techniques in order to efficiently address any chimney issues that arise.

As a respected chimney repair Merton service provider, we put customer safety and satisfaction first. Therefore, we provide services such as chimney repairs, brickwork repairs, chimney relining and more – no matter the size or complexity of the issue – we have the knowhow to resolve them efficiently.

Our team is adept in handling all kinds of chimneys, from traditional brick and mortar ones to more contemporary metal models. Using cutting-edge technologies such as video inspections to pinpoint any concerns and offer solutions. Plus, only high-grade materials that comply with industry standards will be used for repairs that last.

At the Chimney Experts, we understand the inconvenience associated with chimney repairs can be an inconvenience for homeowners. That is why our experts will arrive on time, conduct themselves professionally, and respect your property to ensure a stress-free repair experience that won’t interfere with daily routine.

Our dedication to outstanding customer service and unparalleled repairs has earned us an outstanding reputation among Merton residents. We place high importance on establishing long-term relationships with our clients, and look forward to expanding upon them in the near future.

Chimney Experts provide reliable chimney repair Merton services at competitive rates to keep your chimney in excellent condition and keep your home safe. Get in touch with us now to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services!

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