A cast iron fire surround is an enduring classic of interior design, offering both practical and aesthetic enhancements to practically any home. As far back as the late 1700s these sorts of surrounds have been used for homes all across the world, with plenty of traditional designs still being made to this day.

Cast iron fire surrounds are both strong and durable, and offer a range of additional benefits. For starters, they are able to provide raging hearth fires with extra protection, keeping the walls and floors of your home safe from unnecessary heat damage. On top of this, they can also be used for open-fronted gas or electric fires, ensuring extra protection for any combustible items that may be in your room.

Beyond practical benefits, these sorts of surrounds can also add much in terms of aesthetic design. Whether it be more modern contemporary designs or vintage rustic styles, there’s surely a style to suit any home. Whatever your preference, a cast iron fire surround can add a cool look to your living room, adding a touch of character to an ordinary space.

When considering which style to go for, it pays to consider the size of your room. For instance, the grandest fire surrounds will suit larger living rooms best, as too small a surround can make the room look crowded. On the other hand, a tiny fireplace will not take considerable advantage of some of the larger and more ornate fire surrounds.

For those who don’t have space requirements to consider, there’s a whole range of amazingly ornate fireplaces available. In addition to beautiful traditional designs there are modern-looking shapes, curves and scrollwork. If you have a historic-style house then you can look to get something that captures the look and feel of a bygone era.

Installation is perhaps the only tricky part when it comes to cast iron fire surrounds. Whilst most surrounds come already assembled, they do require adherence to basic safety considerations. The installation of any fire surround should be done in accordance with all the relevant Building Regulations in your area.

Ultimately, cast iron fire surrounds are an enduring classic and can add a real look of distinction to your living room. Provided your installation meets all the relevant safety considerations then it’s easy to see why these sorts of fire surrounds are becoming more and more popular in homes across the country.

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